Thoughts Weaver

ThoughtsWeaver is a Web application designed for inexpert users to read and write Web pages. ThingsThoughtsWeaverIsGoodFor?? many varied things. Most recently, I've been using it as a place to "put notes on the refrigerator" for members of my electronic family. It's also a community bulletin board, an Exedra, a Web site, a repository...

ThoughtsWeaver is a local WikiWikiWeb lookalike, set up as a place for the AT&T; ProblemDefinitionGroup? to share ideas. It is patterned after the conventions of WardCunningham'sWikiWikiWeb, but uses a different set of tools.

Here's a question: How is ThoughtsWeaver different from the Web? Novice users find even HTML to be intimidating, and find server bureaucracies and restrictions to be annoying, limiting, and distracting. ThoughtsWeaver lets you compose pages from the comfort of your workstation, without worrying where the pages are, or how the links between them are managed. It makes it really difficult to create links-to-nowhere, or pages that come out completely blank.

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