Organizational Patterns

OrganizationalPatterns describe the structure and practices of human organizations. This site focuses on organizations that build (or use, or administer) computer software.

Why? Many of the challenges and opportunities for software quality and productivity have traditionally been attacked with technology; there is a rich body of literature on such technology and design. However, organizational solutions are less widely understood or practiced.

This site will help people bring together a collection of mutually supportive organizational and process techniques that have been proven to be successful in software development. We are precipitating the findings into a book to be published by Prentice-Hall.

JimCoplien and NeilHarrison are the overall architects for the project, but there is a small number of InvitedEditors on the project.

Each pattern here follows a minimal PatternPageBoilerplate? which is not part of the pattern itself, but which exists here to help project administration. We also have a PatLet? collection that gives summaries of the patterns.

Interesting pages to look at include:

See the ProjectIndex page for a list of other StartingPoints. Most of these starting points head up a collection of patterns, grouped both by contributor and topic. Other pages assemble pattern languages from the patterns deposited here.

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