Organization Construction Patterns

Once design is done — the organization is conceptualized and has been framed out--it's time to start putting it together. We hire people, fine-tune teams, and put processes in place. The patterns in this chapter are construction patterns: patterns for dealing with day-to-day realities and the real stuff of building an organization. 

There are two pattern languages here: one is about Organizational Style, and the other is about PeopleAndCode

Organizational Style is akin to management style. Each manager will use different techniques to help an organization unfold. 

The PeopleAndCode pattern language talks about the day-to-day impact of ConwaysLaw. As the code takes shape the organization should track it. There are architectural artifacts which themselves have achieved the stature of patterns and, by ConwaysLaw, we might expect to find analogous structures in the organization. And we do. These are those organizational patterns, patterns that one allows to take shape piecemeal in the organization as the code itself changes. Of course, it can work the other way, too: coding structures and interfaces can reflect business structures that are reflected in the organization or in the geographical distribution of the development groups.