Organizational Patterns Are Inspiration Rather Than Prescription

The first thing to remember is that these organizational patterns, like all patterns, are not to be applied blindly or exactly. The patterns are synthesized from many experiences, no one exactly like the other. And your situation will surely be different than those we have observed. Therefore, the patterns serve as inspiration, rather than a blueprint to be followed exactly. 

Most of us tend to be solution-oriented, and we naturally focus on the solutions in patterns. Yet the problem in a pattern is as important as the solution. The insights we gain about the problem—captured most often in the forces—can be just as helpful as the solution itself. In many cases, once we understand the problem thoroughly, the solution becomes clear. 

As you read the patterns, look for problems that are similar to problems you now have or once had. But don't look for exact matches; they won't be there. You unleash the power in the patterns when you learn to adapt them to your own situation.