Parking Lot

NBH - 10/17/03: As far as I can tell, everything is done except:
Reference to be verified in SizeTheSchedule
(My note: Check the book; if we can't, we can refer to a talk I heard by Tom DeMarco in 1984.)

Here are things we need to remember, either in the BookOutline or the book itself. Add to this list as needed.
Important: ContextAudit
Need stars on patterns.
Short Stories and Anecdotes
These are not full case studies, but rather short stories that might end up as sidebars or fillers (maybe transitions) between patterns, or something like that.
  1. Story of group therapy debugging (for GroupValidation or maybe DevelopingInPairs)
  2. Crisis-oriented organization (see CrisisManagement)
  3. Group that came together to for a week to hammer out architecture. (LockEmUpTogether)
  4. The Simon Role (LegendRole)
  5. Personal experience (NBH) — what it's like to develop in pairs.
Other Stuff We Shouldn't Forget
  1. Schmismogenesis (done — see TheOpenClosedPrincipleOfTeams)
  2. Symmetry (old AestheticPattern)
  3. Say something about CrisisManagement (done: see StabilityAndCrisisManagement)
  4. Review PatternsToBeCatalogued and NeilsOrphanList
  5. Reference to be verified in SizeTheSchedule
Gratuitous reference to MasterPlanningAndTheTheoryOfConstraints? [fixed — JOC 2002/8/29]